We have a new on-line training platform!

Posted: 05/01/2022

Due to the difficulties we have experienced around Covid and the postponement of in person meetings, we are pleased to announce that Sentinel Landlord Scheme: London now has an on-line learning system for members.

The learning platform will be the primary place to complete your compulsory core membership development which forms part of your membership and must be completed within your term of membership every 2 years.

The course consists of four modules: Property Standards, Tenancy Management, Modern Slavery and Policing, and Anti-social Behaviour / Domestic Abuse.
You’ll need to complete all four modules to pass this course and to receive certification. If you need to, you can complete one module at a time and come back to complete the others, or if you have to exit a module before finishing, you can pick it up from where you left off to complete it. You can also complete all modules at once if you wish. There are two assessed quizzes to complete – the first one is an assessment of your learning for the Property Standards and Tenancy Management modules, and the second is to assess your learning of the Modern Slavery and Policing and Anti-social Behaviour / Domestic Abuse modules.

We will hopefully be able to resume in person meetings over the coming months and then landlords will have the choice to attend and/or complete the session on line but for now, this is the preferred/only available option.

We have commenced Course enrolment to all members, please ensure that you look out of for the email Course enrolment invitation and enrol as soon as possible.

We will be monitoring completion of the course and send reminders if it is not completed within a reasonable amount of time.