What’s the property market like in Surrey?

Invest in property in surrey

Why Live in Surrey?

Surrey has always been a popular place to live but in recent years its popularity has soared which may have something to do with the following:

  1. Lots of beautiful villages
  2. Plenty of leafy parklands and stunning landscapes
  3. Great schools and local facilities
  4. Excellent transport links to London and major cities
  5. Near to the south coast
  6. Lots of local events and summer festivals

Invest in Property in Surrey

Investing in property in one of the most attractive locations in the South East for both residents and businesses is almost guaranteed to make you money in the long term.

Investing in buy-to-let properties or property developments is wise for the following reasons:

Ever-Increasing Value of Property

In spite of fluctuations in the UK economy over recent years, property prices are still consistently increasing, especially in the South East according to Housing Today. This is a good indication of the long term stability of property investment.

High Demand for rental properties

With population levels on the rise in the UK there is increased demand for housing to buy but particularly to rent. If managed correctly, a buy-to-let property or several will bring in a steady monthly income covering costs and making a profit.

Rising Rental Profits

With the rental market on the increase year on year, London and the South East is the perfect place for you to invest in buy-to-let property development. A high rental yield means the maximum return on your investment and a secure financial future.

Secure Funding for Property Investment

There are two main ways to secure a property loan for property developments and large scale renovations:

Private Lender

Talk to Hunter Finance, they have years of experience in property developments in Surrey and the surrounding areas. Call them on 01825 749721 to see how they can finance your new development.

Mainstream bank mortgage

All high street banks will offer some kind of mortgage. Click here for more information about the mortgages available on the market right now.

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