Fireworks in the UK

Who doesn’t love a magical, warming fireworks display in the winter? They most often mark the anniversary of Guy Fawkes and New Years Eve. Check out our list of the best displays throughout the UK. We also have advice for your own fireworks display.

Have your own fireworks display

You don’t have to go out to enjoy fireworks; you can have them from the comfort of your own home because buying your own fireworks is easier than ever. Catherine Wheels and Rockets are among some of the most popular fireworks used at home, so buy them today and begin planning your display. Click here.

Please Note: we only ever advise using a recommend and registered supplier ensuring all products you receive are safe.

Lewes Bonfire Night

This has been marked as the world’s biggest November 5th celebration and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. You may think that firework displays in your local area last about two hours? Well, in Sussex it starts at 5pm and finishes a 1am! More information.

In this town, there isn’t just one Bonfire Societies, there are six. Meaning whatever end of the town you visit, you will experience nothing greater than in Lewes. We suggest accessing Sussex by train as there will be no parking facilities available.

Cambridge’s display in the heart of the city

Cambridge, known for its pure beauty and history filled streets, so fireworks in a place like this cannot be beaten.  The Bonfire Night is hosted by the local council and is free – unlike many events on November 5th. Find out more.

This event has something for everybody, as there is a funfair open between 6pm to 9pm, so before everything kicks off, have some active fun.