The property market in Surrey – prestige & country homes

In recent years more and more clients have successfully bought and sold quality homes using the dedicated marketing style of prestige & country homes. The property market is massive in Surrey and house prices are beginning to soar, most likely due to their authentic, traditional nature.

Prestige & Country Homes brochure details designed to emphasise the individual features of each property with floor plans.

Best events in the UK

Who doesn’t love a magical, warming fireworks display in the winter? They most often mark the anniversary of Guy Fawkes and New Year’s Eve. Check out our list of the best displays throughout the UK. We also have advice for your own fireworks display.

Starting a business is a brave move

Although just having a good business idea isn’t enough on its own. You have to do your research, prepare a business plan, create a legal structure, and then think about how to present your offering to the market.

The big challenge faced by new business owners is in juggling the daily running of the company, delighting existing customers and finding time to look for new ones. Given the pressures of time and resource, marketing often drops off the to-do list in the face of must-dos.

Growing a business is about building your reputation and making people aware of what you do. Without a good name, the business is doomed and when two competitors are equal on cost, reputation can provide the critical edge. That’s where PR can help and prove it’s not something only big companies can call on. Targeted PR can also help tell potential customers about you, your business and what you can do for them (and it’s often much cheaper and often more effective than advertising).

We work with a range of small and larger companies and the issues are the same – protecting and enhancing reputation, attracting customers and highlighting product values. The only difference is that bigger firms have more people and resources to call on.

The key we believe is in is adapting big company and brand solutions to small businesses’ needs – whether that is in branding, direct mail, advertising, or engaging customers over the web. See training.